Frequently Asked Questions

The facilitators are two couple therapists instructors and former leaders in large organizations. They have the support of a group of coaches that help throughout the program.

The program is attended by leaders in opposite sex couple relationships or singles of all ages, incomes, races, nationalities, professions, religions, abilities who want to reinvent their have couple relationship, get back on track and improve their leadership capacity. Leaders sometimes attend because they decided to address their intimate life in a way that positively impacts their couple relationship. They also need to accumulate more vitality, become healthier and develop better leadership capabilities. We welcome all couples/singles who want to work on making their relationship stronger and need a strong and immediate positive impact on their leadership.

Yes. Gift cards are available upon request.

Please send your request to:

Yes. Our program is specifically designed for single or couples. You will understand the concept of Inner Alchemist. It is highly recommended to come in couple. If you are single, this is also a big opportunity to learn a fundamental key for your future love relationship happiness.

There are no prerequisites to attending Inner Alchemist Leadership (IAL) workshop. The workshop is self-contained and is appropriate even if you’ve never heard of our work.

Depending on the coaches’ availabilities, we can organize a customized session for your organization/individual.

No. Throughout the program we focus on the concept explanation and understanding rather than personal issues. This program is a complement and not a substitute for medical assistance.

The program has a multi-dimensional impact and is based on solid science, relevant and applied research and offers a tested methodology for erotic rehabilitation and leadership development. What you learn here you can immediately put in practice at home when you have your private intimate experiences in a superior manner. No jargon, no trivia, no physical interactions, no offending language, no uncomfortable moments – on the contrary, everything is in a business format, settings and language with a researched based approach grounded in science and practice.

You will receive full refund if you announce in time.


“A captivating program delivered to an challenging audience…the erotic continence concept as a basis for leadership and personal development captured the hearts and minds of all participants…

Corrine Martin
HR Leader, Canada

“I would have to say this was one of the best leadership programs I have participated in.”

Stefan Oack
PhD, Germany

An incredible program for self-awareness and inner energy development.”

Vijay Sharma
Entrepreneur, UK

“I was shocked and fascinated when our HR told me about the program. Now I’m confident and highly excited to apply the techniques.”

Marcelo Briattore
Dental Clinic, Italy

“It’s amazing! The learnings can be easily and immediately be put in practice !”

Laura Bird
Entrepreneur, UK

“My inner reservoir of energy has been visibly enhanced. I just become relentless. I still feel enthusiastic and in high spirits when I come back home.”

Dan Nichol
Sales Manager, Hungary

“The last feed-back from my team was unexpected: it is said I am more patient and rational in decision-making process. They have also noticed a better time-management. I owe this to my new practice learnt here.”

Micael Badescu
Tax Manager, Italy

“I’ve noticed a serious improvement in my decision-making process. I used to think too much and sometimes change my mind in a few seconds. Not anymore.”

Stephan Stoix
Wine Producer, Liechtenstein

“It seems that my ex husband was completely wrong telling and blaming me I was not able to feel happy and satisfied in our intimate moments. I also used to blame myself for that. Now I certainly know I just never had enough time for starting to feel something. Thanks, IA, for revealing me such a fundamental aspect about myself, essential for my self-esteem and my femininity.”

Laurine Krang
Entrepreneur, Sweden

“After being a participant couple to IA, we laugh much more, we enjoy each other presence, we even agree to disagree without fighting. Happy wife, happy life. I feel lucky and privileged to be part of this.

Chris Wood
Professor, Belgium

“My wife enrolled me to this program. Now I better understand why.”

Nicolas Povlsen
Operation Director, Denmark

“A program based on research that changes your inner life.”

Andronicus Torp
PhD, Denmark

“The program is about love and not sex. It emphasizes on the notion of superior intimate experience in polar couple.”

John Mateo
Entrepreneur, UK

“Man – it’s amazing! Being up for several hours in a row!”

Michael Deck
Manager, Switzerland

“Your love relationship used as a learning laboratory for developing new leadership competencies? Brilliant, genius, extraordinary! The science behind this program is 100% convincing. I feel deeply grateful to have found it.”

Valentine Kotarhia
Entrepreneur, Greece

“How come we all speak about how our daily diet influences our brain health and nobody speaks about how our way of making love affects us…in any way (although it is also a common activity ). IA program arguments are the first formal solid arguments I hear about in this area.”

Mario Ilian
Entrepreneur, Russia

“George is funny, is intuitive, educational, knowledgeable, caring, informative, excellent teacher and coach, encyclopedic in his knowledge of sexuality and leadership. Thank you so much for these incredible classes! You’ve opened up a whole new world for me.”

Laura Capsen
Entrepreneur, Finland