Exponential Happiness Program

Using Superior Intimacy To Access Happiness, Satisfaction and Fulfillment

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  • This is a NEW model
  • Revolutionary leadership attributes
  • Create access to Inner Energy, Happiness and Growth
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Exponential Happiness Brochure

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What are the Benefits?

  • Immense vitality, flourishing health, longevity
  • Endless power, reinvention of your couple relationship
  • Increased level of empathy and relational intelligence
  • Overflowing optimism and joy of life

What are the outcomes?

We dare say that the valuable insights provided by the program and the practical instruments are much more effective, productive and measurable in producing tangible results than any form of couple therapy practiced in the Western culture. An unfolding study is on the way to confirm the statement.

What is Exponential Happiness Program about?

The Exponential Happiness Program is a new model designed to map, bridge and integrate couple relationship experiences with sustainable personal happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment.

The love relationship is seen as a laboratory, an effective learning space for enhancing your emotional and heart intelligence, raising your happiness level and driving accelerated personal transformation.

Why should you choose Exponential Happiness Program?

This is a unique and cutting-edge framework with multidimensional, irreversible and beneficial revolutionary impact for practitioners. It has an effective and clearly structured methodology that can help you with the practice. We provide free personal coaching after attending the program and stay in touch with participants for any inquiries.

How can it help me if I do not have a couple relationship yet?

The program is also highly informative, practical and insightful for singles that want to better prepare for their future reinvention. In other words, it is an immense opportunity to learn what you need to consider when you to prepare to engage in a couple relationship.

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Who should attend?

  • Anyone who is interested in finding out what the determinants of a happy and fulfilled life are
  • Anyone who wants to enhance their happiness, satisfaction and meaning
  • Anyone willing to reinvent their couple relationship for the better
  • Anyone wishing for a roadmap with adequate tools for continuing to lead a life of happiness and fulfillment

How long is the program?

½ day

A 12-month program is offered afterwards to interested EHP participants.

What is the science behind?

During the program, you will be presented with the relevant scientific studies and research on the science of love that endorse the presented methodology.

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