The Concept of Inner Alchemist
The leadership programm you dont find in B schools

The Leadership Program You Don`t find in B schools

What Is Inner Alchemist Leadership?

Polar couple relationship as a laboratory for transformation

A practical model where intimacy in your happy polar couple relationship is bridged with leadership capacity. The concept that clearly explain how to integrate the ‘whole persona’ of you in leadership development. It presents how to intelligently use your erotic energy (creative potential) to create a “better version” of you. Research says that improving your intimate experiences in your polar couple relationship is the fastest way to bend your personality, change bad habits and build new behaviors. Learning how to extract exceptional value from intimacy in your happy polar couple and use it for distinctive, non-erotic purposes will massively improve your leadership capacity.

Inner Alchemist knowledge and practice applies to all leaders that experience inner energy crises or need a step change in their leadership vitality, creativity, will power, self-awareness, self-control, intuition, mind focus and complex problem solving. Or they want to reinvent their polar couple relationship. Yes, reinvent! No exaggeration here! The model of Inner Alchemist provides a practical methodology on how to develop new leadership competencies by practicing techniques that are simple, clear and efficient tapping into a ready to use source of energy.

Inner Alchemist Leadership is actually an ancient practice for leadership development happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. Ancient Chinese emperors, high-ranking officials, successful leaders, world-class athletes and famous artists rely upon these techniques in their private intimate experiences. Inner Alchemist Leadership is valid to all executives that are in a polar couple relationship or singles – that can first intuitively understand the value of the intimate erotic experiences for their leadership effectiveness.

In Inner Alchemist Leadership, exceptional value is created rather than consumed. This is an ample opportunity for accelerated inner growth that is pleasant, easy and rapid. Here, love is relevant because the set up in your intimate experiences is different. We offer a clear and concrete methodology to a vast, strong and powerful energy that instead of being wasted is used for inner growth.

Typical Leadership Development Approach

Intimate experiences as taboo
Love does not exist or is abstract
Inner Energy from outside
Selective impact

Inner Alchemist Leadership Approach

Couple Relationship
Intimate experiences as opportunities
Love as a Key Ingredient
Inner Energy from inside
Multi-dimensional impact

A program that links love, intimacy, integration, erotic energy, couple relationship dilemmas with leadership effectiveness

  •   It bridges a complex taboo with accelerated leadership development
  •   Presents a groundbreaking methodology – clear tools and techniques
  •   Research-based approach
  •   From practitioners
  •   Thousands of testimonials
  •   Practical insights
  •   Multi-dimensional impact

Here is the place to reinvent your leadership and couple relationship – in simultaneity. First thing and most important – its about love and not about degrading sex. Evidence-based.


Once you understand the concept you can then apply it at home – when you decide to engage in a superior intimate experience in your polar couple relationship.

The Quest Of Inner Energy

”Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you.”

Peter Drucker

In the current VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world executive’s risks burnout, depression, anxiety or stress – factors that impact leadership effectiveness no matter the profile, experience or knowledge.

In a recent global study of 150,000 employees it was found that:
  • 74% of employees are in energy crises
  • 50% of employees merely put their time in
  • 20% of employees are counterproductive, negatively influencing coworkers, missing days at work and driving customers away through poor service.

The insight for Inner Alchemist Leadership is that in essence, behind theories, experiences and learning’s, leadership can be thought and seen as inner energy to achieve high performance with and through others. The wise people of leadership stated that great leadership starts with great self-awareness. Great self-awareness starts with immense inner energy. Knowledge, resources, expertise, a strong repertoire of actions, budgets, timing, risk assessment, sponsors support are key components for strategy execution. Yet, not sufficient.

Recent research points clearly to the critical component that makes or breaks the difficult process of strategy execution: inner energy. What if your private intimate experiences are incredible opportunities for fundamental transformation? Why not accessing an immense source of energy, power and balance that is easy accessible and with immediate impact on both professional and personal lives? Inner Alchemist Leadership model provides a clear steps-process that is fast, pleasant, effective and with multiple benefits.

Inner Alchemist – Putting In Practice

Easy, Pleasant and Effective Way

The practice involves a several steps that allow leaders to access a powerful reservoir of energy that further is used to generate transformation on multiple levels. It puts an emphasis on superior intimate experiences that are based on love, perfect erotic continence, transfiguration, integration and dignity. Your polar couple relationship is re-engineered as a secure-base for your accelerated leadership transformation. The program has the best impact when you attend with your polar couple. Personal coaching could be arranged.

7 Key Factors That We Focus

Better you. Better couple relationship. Better leadership.

Inner Alchemist practice have a direct impact on seven critical factors:
  • Vitality for implementing strategic initiatives
  • Creativity in strategy formulation
  • Will power to create and sustain change in your organization
  • Self-Awareness and being strongly anchored in the present moment
  • Intuition in strategic scenario planning
  • Mental Focus
  • Transcendence in breakthrough innovation through specific brain activation