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Program Details

Program Schedule

Geneva 14/15 Sept | 14/15 Oct | 12/13 Nov
London 29/30 Sept | 20/21 Oct | 17/18 Nov
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Program Hours

8:30 am – 6:00pm
Thursday & Friday

Learning Objectives

  • Uncover the science behind Inner Alchemist Leadership and superior intimate experiences in your polar couple relationship that builds happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment
  • Learn the intimate behaviors and key couple relationship skills that drive effective leadership
  • Build your own intimate intelligence in your polar couple relationship and leadership skills

Workshop Prerequisites

This two-day program is for couples or single who are open-minded and have high ethics standards. There is no public disclosure or group work – just presentations and Q&A sessions that focus individual skill building.


The workshop is designed to explain the WHY, WHAT and HOW of Inner Alchemist Leadership practice. It examines the science of superior intimate experiences and the compelling case for its relationship to high performance leadership. The program is designed to equip participants with several dynamic inner skills that distinguish exceptional leaders from average ones.

The program is about how to better use your inner resources (as man or as woman) and is sharply focused on the application and practice of the key strategies for building inner alchemist leadership. It bridges a complex taboo with accelerated leadership development combining several streams of cutting edge science. It breaks barriers, dogma and pre-conceptions and offers a clear-cut methodology validated in practice. The techniques you learn can transform your couple relationship as well your leadership performance.

Key Benefits

  • Discover what Inner Alchemist Leadership is, why it matters and how to immediately apply it
  • Learn how to design superior intimate experiences that will reinvent your couple relationship and will massively boost your leadership capacity
  • Understand the key couple strategies for building and maintaining high inner energy levels required for high performance leadership
  • Develop a bucket of leadership skills using a research & practice-based methodology
  • Learn how to leverage intimate experiences that build on your vitality, creativity, will power, resilience, emotional strengths, intelligence, mind focus and complex problem solving that creates effective market driven performance
  • Learn a methodology that in a fast, pleasant and effective way unleash an improved ‘version of you’
  • A program based on solid science, relevant research, and with a strong practice background

Please note:

Price listed is per couple. You can also attend alone, if you decide. Registration is NOT complete until full payment is received prior to the workshop. You will receive an email receipt shortly after your registration. Be sure to check your spam/junk folders. Closer to the workshop, a staff member will call you to complete paperwork, and you will be emailed everything you need before the workshop.

Transfer/Cancellation Policy:

If cancellation is made more than three weeks prior to the workshop date, a full refund minus a £50 processing fee will be given. If your cancellation occurs within three weeks of the workshop date, your registration will be converted to a credit, good for a full year, that you can use to attend future workshops.


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